Certainly God can raise the dead, but I’m thinking a town full of roosters could do the same. This early morning rousal doesn’t take into account the cemetery on the edge of town.

Hum. More to ponder.

It felt good to offer an orientation tour of town and our previous building sites to to the 4 other missionaries making their first trip to Telica. “We built this house, and that house, last time we were here.” “I’m told we built this one, and that one, too.” Indeed, our church’s mission had accomplished much in eight previous missions.

I was feeling pretty smug.

It didn’t take long. Soon the neighborhood sprang to life. While I was admiring buildings, people poured out of their homes to greet us. Most remembered me. I am the Pastore. I was soon making introductions every 3 steps.

Introductions, hugs, and smiles are the polite, expected thing to do. But soon we were drawn into friends homes, presented new babies, shown how much junior had grown in the past two years, and had flower gardens proudly displayed. We were led through a maze of paths and hidden back fence passage ways from one family to another.

One husband and wife pulled out a machete and quickly brought down a branch of plantains, hacking away perilously close to low hanging wires. As we left, we were presented with 5 bags of their wonderful tropical fruit. No expectations that they’d be paid. It was a generous gift between friends.


Poverty is about what you don’t have. Yet, wealth isn’t about what you possess. Five bags of plantains are a symbol to me that wealth is about what you give away; your time, your money, your heart, God’s love.

Yes, we are here to accomplish a goal packed agenda. But more importantly, we’re here to give it all away, make and keep friends, all for the glory of God.

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