Who Am I?

Updated 5/20/2019

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ; he claimed me at my baptism and I claimed him at my confirmation as a youth.

I’ve been called and ordained to be a pastor, whose role is to

  1. Word: proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Sacrament: celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion
  3. Service: to serve the needs of the Body of Christ
  4. Order: ensure the administrative order of the parish is Biblical and Disciplinary

I’ve been appointed by the Bishop to serve as your pastoral and spiritual leader.

In my opinion, the role of the congregation is to “live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be God’s love with our neighbors in all places.” It is my role to keep people redirected back to the core values and vision of our congregation.

I believe Christ calls us to empower people with encouragement, tools, and resources to be successful. Every person has been endowed with God given potential that requires nurture and encouragement to blossom and grow.

I believe the Holy Spirit speaks through all people, making collaboration essential for success.

I believe in permission giving, way more than permission withholding.

I favor grace more than law.

I believe the community of faith’s role is discernment of God’s will – individually and collectively.

I believe prayer is an essential means of communicating directly with God.

Worship is our core activity. It must be done with excellence and to the best of our ability.

Worship that is combined with mission serves as the best way to grow our church family. Mission provides depth and meaning to the spiritual journey.

All are welcome at the table. Since all are guilty under the law, I prefer to leave judgment up to God.

Programs ebb and flow; it is just as okay to let go as it is to create. This comes from a confidence in God’s timing.

The only metric I’m concerned with is

  1. Is your heart warmed by Christ?
  2. What are you doing about it?

I believe God has given us all the money we need. If needs become known, it is important that the congregation is informed. The happiest, most satisfied disciples of Christ are those who are most generous.

I tithe because it is the Biblical standard, it serves as an invitation to others to join in the tithing lifestyle, and it helps keep me spiritually healthy.

I believe God gives us all the people we need. If we need more, God will provide. If we are not good stewards of the people we’ve been given, our numbers will decline.

I believe strongly in Safe Sanctuaries and the protection it affords children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

My politic is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am a lifelong United Methodist. God’s grace, as articulated by John Wesley, is a part of my identity.

It is important for me to be as transparent and authentic as humanly possible.

Also, I don’t like to have access to church money. The only way I should know what you contribute is if you tell me. Giving is fun; and opportunities to spread the joy should abound!

I dismiss all anonymous complaints. If I offend you, please seek me out and tell me! If you see me headed in an uninformed or reckless direction, please inform me!