Quake 2

No. This isn’t a reflection on the video game I so enjoyed years ago. This is a second take on serving God’s kingdom in the high altitudes of Mayan Guatemala.

A retired colleague of mine, who has been coming to Guatemala for decades, replied that when ever he was here and experienced an earthquake that it stirred imagery of creation.

God created the heavens and the earth, the sun, moon, and stars, the sea and sky, and yes, Terra Firma. The same God who created you and me in God’s image is the very same God who created the ring of fire and it’s associated earthquakes. It is also the same God who sent us his Son, to still the wind and the rain of life, to teach us to love and forgive, to reset us clean, and who will one day welcome us home in his heavenly kingdom.

The moment God’s Son gave his life as a gift of love, there was such an earthquake that the Gospel reports tombs were opened and the dead were raised. God our Creator stirs the magma of our souls and releases spiritual energy when fault line slip. Such energy removes the sting of death and gives eternal glory to God.

Traveling and serving God in Guatemala stirs my spiritual magma. How about you?

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