How Far Would You Go to Pray?

Twice in one day I wondered about this question. Physically exhausted carrying building supplies and making home visits to local families in the high altitudes of Mayan lands, the first request came from a Hands of Jesus team member who heard a 4 year old girl was very ill and the family requested we come and pray for her. I brought up the tail as the group descended down a mountainous trail into a maze of homes and alleyways. I fell behind and found myself alone on the trail. I looked down and wondered if I could go on. The eyes of numerous children were upon this heavily breathing Gringo.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner,” I prayed over and over again. The “Jesus Prayer” had never let me down before.

I heard a man coming down from behind, saw me stopped looking lost, and asked children spying on me through glass-less windows where the Gringos had gone. The children pointed and I was on my way.

The prayers had started as I arrived, slipping quietly into the back of the dark room. The child’s life was at stake and I felt privileged I could silently add my own, even if it was in English. As we left, arrangements were made to take her and her family to the hospital. Thanks be to God.

The second time was at the end of the day. We were to bless the house the team built for a family. Though it was only a third of a mile, it was straight up. I’d been up it twice before and didn’t know if I could do another. Maybe I’d just wait down below at the truck.

“Lord Jesus Christ, …” I began to pray. In a moment I knew God had given me that extra reserve of grace to start the climb.

A young child from the home appeared and led me by the hand, steadily giving me balance as we climbed ever higher. We arrived late, but just in time for the dedication and prayers with the family. Tears of joy and thankfulness flowed freely as testimony was shared, gifts were given, and embraces were exchanged.

On this day I went farther than I knew I could, just to pray with others. By God’s grace, the Jesus Prayer, and a little child who led me, life giving prayers flowed from me into the lives of two families. Because I did, I know you can, too.

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